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Tasha’s Googliest Activity: Googly-Eye Pet Rocks!

In The Biggest Gift of All, one of Tasha and Sam’s favorite things to do is make sparkly googly-eyed pet rocks. You can try it too! It’s time to get creative (and maybe a little messy) with paints, glitter, googly eyes, and more! Once you’re done, you’ll have a new friend to play with. Crafting is always fun with friends, too: invite some of your friends to make sparkly googly-eye rocks with you!

This activity requires a hot glue gun to make sure your friend doesn’t fall apart. Make sure you  have a parent, guardian, or teacher nearby to help you and make sure you stay safe. 


  • A rock no bigger than your palm
  • Acrylic paints of any color
  • Googly eyes
  • Liquid glue
  • Paper plates
  • Supplies to decorate your rock with, such as:
    • Glitter 
    • Pom-poms 
    • Stickers
    • Wrapping paper or tissue paper
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Beads or charms 
    • String

Step 1: Prepare a crafting space! 

Find a spot at a table, desk, or on the floor to begin your activity. Make sure you have large newspapers or napkins spread out so you can keep the area clean. Be sure to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Step 2: Find your friend!

Find a small rock outside. Look for something the size of your palm or smaller. You don’t need a heavy one, just something big enough to put googly eyes on!

Step 3: Get painting! (If you don’t want to use paint, skip to step 5).

Pick your favorite paint colors and pour them onto a plate. If you need help, make sure a parent or guardian does this for you. Get creative and make a rainbow or a swirl!

Use a paintbrush, sponge, or even your fingers to cover the rock in paint. Try rolling your rock on the paper plate until it’s all covered in color. Notice how the paint feels on your hands. Is it cold and goopy?

Step 4: Wait for the paint to dry.

Now that you’re done painting, wait at least 15 minutes for your paint to dry. While you wait, let’s clean up. Wash your hands and clean up the paint. Then, find the googly eyes, glitter, and any other supplies you want to use to decorate.

Step 5: Adding the bling!

It’s time to decorate with stickers, string, pipe cleaners, or anything else you want to put on your rock. Just make sure to leave room for googly eyes where you want the face to be! Ask a parent, guardian, or teacher to help you set up the hot glue gun. Ask them for help gluing on your decorations. Hot glue is much stronger than liquid glue, and this will make sure your new friend won’t lose any decorations when you play. You can also add some small pieces of ripped up wrapping paper or tissue paper by using some liquid glue. Now your friend can make crinkly sounds!

Not sure how to decorate? Here are some ways Tasha likes to decorate her rocks. You can try them too: 

  • Add feet with pom-poms
  • Give your rock some hair with string
  • Make small wings out of pipe cleaners
  • Braid a tail with string
  • Design a pattern with beads

Step 6: GLITTER!

Squeeze a small amount of liquid glue onto a paper plate. Use your finger or a paint brush to spread it over the rock in areas where you want your friend to sparkle. Then, shake some glitter onto the wet glue. You can also sprinkle it with your fingers, or shake it onto the glue using a spoon. Make sure to pick up your rock and turn it over to shake off all the extra glitter onto the paper plate. If you have glitter glue, you can add shapes and designs onto your rock! Add some tiger stripes or frog freckles.

Step 7: Add googly eyes!

When you are finished decorating the pet rock, use liquid glue to stick on the googly eyes where you want the face to be. Some googly eyes are sticky on the back like a sticker, so if yours is sticky you do not need to use glue, just peel off the white paper and stick the eyes on! Put on as little as one, or as many as five googly eyes! Tasha and Sam like to fit as many as they can on their pet rocks.

Step 8: Let your friends dry.

Wait at least 45 minutes for the glue to dry. While you wait, finish cleaning up the colorful mess so you can make another rock again when you want to.

Step 9: Time to play!

Give your googly-eyed rock a name, then take pictures together like you’re both at the biggest birthday party of all.

Pet rocks love to read stories, so open The Biggest Gift of All book and read your friend the story. As you read, try to find all the googly eyes in the pictures, and point them out to your pet rock.

Thank you so much for following along and making a new rock friend with us! If you want to show your beautiful creation off, please make a post and tag us on social media. We are so excited to see everyone’s rock friends!

Check out Kristina's video here to see her create her own pet rock!

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