Make your own inclusion power!

Be an Includas Disability Ally

in·clu·das (verb/noun): being inclusive in diverse ways

  1. Be diverse and inclusive as much as possible.
  2. When picking a book, movie, or show, choose a story that is diverse and unknown to you.
  3. Practice communicating with people in different ways; for example, through pictures one day, and gestures the next.
  4. Share about what you learn from the Includas Superheroes with others so they, too, can help spread inclusion magic!
  1. Do your research.
  2. Be a good listener.
  3. Welcome all disabilities.
  4. Encourage accessibility and diversity everywhere.
  5. Support disabled creators.
  6. Avoid ableist terms.
  7. Don’t define someone only by their disability.
  8. Be kind.

You can start by practicing the eight steps listed above, or checking them out in full detail as outlined by the Includas Superheroes. You can also get an Includas Coloring Book and Includas Superpowerful Journal to teach you about different disabilities and give you practice including others. Don’t forget to visit our blog post of the different kinds of disabilities and learn which celebrities are or were disabled.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay to make them as long as you learn how fix them. One person may prefer to be called “disabled” while another doesn’t. People have preferences based on their lived experiences, so get to know each person and don’t assume the same things for everyone. But remember, don’t rely on the disability community to educate you completely, especially if you don’t know someone personally. There is always room to grow and improve: the first step is trying.

Of course you can! Even the smallest change can make a big difference. It can change what your friends think, what your family thinks, or what you think. Reading, watching, and listening to things that are inclusive and diverse can help so many people. With your support and the support of others combined, you can get the conversation around inclusion and disability started.

Help Spread Change, One Book at a Time

We love nothing more than spreading inclusion! That’s why our commitment to social good is important to us. We donate books when we can, but now anyone can help us do so and get more diverse books into the hands of readers. For every book purchased during a release month, we’ll donate the matched books sold to the community!

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Past Event 12/3/21

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Join us for the 3rd Annual INCLUDAS Book Party: Pages Under Investigation on our social media from 12pm-6pm PST/3pm-9pm EST. The INCLUDAS Investigators will dive into the past, present, and future of disability representation.

wheelchair book character investigator.

Schedule of Investigation

Come learn about how the event works, how to win prizes, and what to expect.

Learn about many historical book firsts, different book accessible creations, and a book page activity.

We will be debunking popular fiction books that have stereotypical disability representation.

Come share your favorite disability-inclusive books and see which ones we have enjoyed! We’ll also include upcoming books we’re excited about.

Learn about disability inclusion in the writing community, supporting disabilities, and INCLUDAS announcements.

Where’s What

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Past Event 12/3/22

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Join us for the 4th Annual INCLUDAS Book Party: Open Book on our social media from 2pm-6pm PST/5pm-9pm EST. The open mic will introduce topics of: opening lines of YA books with disability representation, having an open book conversation about ableism in publishing, and spotlighting opening lines of disabled writers.

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Schedule of Investigation

Welcome to the event and why it matters.

We’ll be sharing the opening lines of 11 YA diverse books with disability representation.

We will be having an open book discussion about ableism in the publishing industry with Madison Parrotta, our Senior Editor.

Come support disabled writers who are working on a piece of writing by following them on social media and reading the opening lines of their works.

Thank you for attending our event! We hope you can make it next year.

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Meet the INCLUDAS Team

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Luda | Founder

Affiliations: BookTalk Board of Directors, IBPA DEI Committee
First Book Loved: Matilda
Motto: When you create your own path, you leave behind a story.
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madison headshot

Madison | Senior Editor

Affiliations: Disability in Publishing Founding Member, Salt & Sage Books, The WNET Group
First Book Loved: The Lost Locket (Nancy Drew Notebooks #2)
Motto: Books are my favorite vegetable.
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Catherine | Acquisitions

Affiliations: Bloomsbury Publishing
First Book Loved: The Little Prince
Motto: It’s okay to go at your own pace.
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Amanda | Designer

Affiliations: AriosGraphics Founder
First Book Loved: A Bargain for Frances
Motto: Be yourself, even when people stare.
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Kristina | Kids' Literature

Affiliations: Access - Student Disability Union
First Book Loved: The Rainbow Fish
Motto: Fantasy is the most real thing we have.
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Nicole | Social Media

Affiliations: Hope for Women Magazine, Ball State Daily News
First Book Loved: Goodnight Moon
Motto: Be the one who makes others feel included.
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Joanna | Editorial

Affiliations: MDA Quest Magazine, Daily Hampshire Gazette, SMILE Mass
First Book Loved: The Wizard of Oz
Motto: You can't change your past, but you can determine your future.
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emma headshot.

Emma | Blog Writer

Affiliations: Five Cent Sound Magazine, Random House, Wilde Press
First Book Loved: Bread and Jam for Frances
Motto: There are always second chances.
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Sofia | Marketing

Affiliations: Generic Literary Magazine, Undergraduate Students for Publishing
First Book Loved: Stone Fox
Motto: Be professionally annoying.
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Julia | Story Development

Affiliations: Canvas Teen Literary Journal
First Book Loved: Ruby Holler
Motto: Que será será.
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Internship Applications

We are looking for applicants who value disability diversity in publishing, have an understanding of the industry, and can manage in a fast-changing environment.
Apply here.

Past & Current Partnerships

We are always looking to partner with bookstores, libraries, social media influencers, etc. It’s the only way to make includas magic happen and raise disability acceptance in the world. Help us make that inclusion a reality!

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