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Who’s ready for story time? How about a book under the covers and a flashlight? Maybe a fun tale for the adventurous type? INCLUDAS Publishing brings disability inclusiveness and diversity into the book world by working with diverse authors & illustrators. Our fictional stories include characters with different types of disabilities. Let us know which story is a favorite! #includas #disabilityinclusion

Our Kids Section

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boy painting and girl sitting in wheelchair.

INCLUDAS Coloring Book
+Disability Inclusive Pages
By INCLUDAS Publishing

Disability learning made easy! Discover something inclusive on every page. This 84-page multi-cultural book has interactive inclusion lessons, dyslexia-friendly large text for easy reading, and a fun cast of diverse characters. From word search puzzzles to dot sticker pages.

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Kendra's Perfect Dance Routine book cover, girls dancing with ribbons.

Kendra's Perfect Dance Routine
Written by Kendra Gottsleben
Illustrated by Carrie Lee Bass

Kendra is excited to perform at the dance recital! She works hard on her dance poses, but she is not as perfect as her friends. Even when she follows their every move, her dancing feels wonky and stiff. How can Kendra’s routine become perfect in time for the recital?
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Luda and Chairsy: Making Friends book cover girl in wheelchair.

Luda and Chairsy: Making Friends
Written by Luda Gogolushko
Illustrated by Kevin Nordstrom

Luda is excited to make friends in a new city! She can't wait to make silly faces and play outside. But when the other kids make fun of her wheelchair, Chairsy, Luda feels discouraged to play with them. Will she ever be able to make new friends?
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'what if I fall' on green cover with frog at bottom.

What If I Fall?
By Luda Gogolushko

Do you feel scared to try something new? Or lonely and blue, not sure how to get through? Don’t fear and don’t fret, or make the same bet. Let this book be the gear that will cheer for you, dear.
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youtube video cover for what if i fall by luda.

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where is mama? book cover with tutrle.

Where Is Mama?
By Luda Gogolushko

When I look for Mama, I can’t find her. Where is Mama? I don’t know. Maybe one day I’ll find her. Maybe one day I won’t. I’ll keep searching and seeing the whole ocean floor until it’s time for me to get back to the empty shore.
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Where Is Mama? [READ ALOUD]

youtube video cover for where is mama by luda.

Future Books

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Looking to submit to
INCLUDAS Publishing?

Check out our submissions page for all the information. Remember, your draft should be completely polished and ready for publication. Know that it will take us 2-3 years to work with the project and release it.
1. Make sure the story fits the genre, writing style, and audience.
2. The story should be finished, this includes any editing that is needed.
3.  Research the publishing industry.
1. Submit online through a Google form.
2. Download the submission form and email it to us.
3. Print out the form and mail it to us. 

Our Romance Section

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June 9th book cover by Emha Goliesh, a novel, book one.


June 9th (Untouch Me #1)
By Emha Goliesh
New Adult Romance Novel

Being touched by men has haunted studious college student, Lacey Shyver, her entire life. That is why she focuses on science rather than boys—rolling in her wheelchair to the beat of astronomy, math, and physics. Until one simple touch from drummer Blake Nivey opens her up to things she never knew existed. Every time Blake’s fingers sweep down her shoulder, she wants more. Could he be the one to save her? Or is he the biggest nightmare of them all—trapping her in his own games and lies? Because the harder she falls for him, the more she needs him to save her. Whatever the truth is, she must figure it out before it’s too late. Because once June 9th begins, it will never end.
One man's touch melts her. Another man's touch burns her. Which touch will she fall in love with?

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October 19th book cover by Emha Goliesh.


October 19th (Untouch Me #2)
By Emha Goliesh
New Adult Romance Novel

Lacey Shyver has found love and it’s the best relationship of her life. Overcoming insecurities of being in a wheelchair has never been easy, but Lacey will always fight for a future with the man she loves. Yet it seems that the harder they love, the harder they fight. But despite the arguments, nothing breaks the couple more than her boyfriend’s ex—who’s on a mission to get between Lacey and her man. Are they meant to last forever or not? Because once October 19th disappears, it will never be the same.
Lacey Shyver has the best love in the world. Except that her boyfriend’s ex has come along to ruin the romance. How far will Lacey go to save her relationship?

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brides in wheelchairs wedding planner cover.

Brides in Wheelchairs
Wedding Planner

This informative wedding planner is filled with worksheets, contact management, statistics, advice, and so much more! We’ve got you covered in all the normal wedding planning stuff, like budget, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon planning, transportation, and flowers. But we also add the awareness of doing it all while in a wheelchair. This covers everything from dress adjustments to wheelchair decorations to venue accessibility, all while making your dream wedding come to life!
Check out the Brides In Wheelchairs website for complimentary wedding planning sheets, wedding related event planning tips, and informative blog posts.

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One Last Sip by L.S. Rydde cover with cup.

One Last Sip
Romance Mystery Novel

Pearl necklace? Check. White gown? Check. Debutante escort? Kinda check. Abigail Lucille Panashe has been dreaming of having her best friend, Theo Winthers, accompany her to the ball. They even perfected the dance to her wheelchair moves. The only problem is that their friendship has been a secret from everyone ever since Abby's father passed away. Mrs. Panashe would never approve a poor boy be associated with the wealthy family, and had her own escorts for her daughter. But no matter how hard Abby tried to get other escorts to quit, Abby can't seem to shake off the classy and flirty next-door-neighbor, Hudson Giordani.
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Pre-order links will be available a month before release day. Check back later, sign up for the newsletter, follow on Instagram, or Like Us on Facebook for the news.
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