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boy painting and girl sitting in wheelchair.

Includas Coloring Book

Disability learning made easy! Discover something inclusive on every page. This 84-page multi-cultural book has interactive inclusion lessons, dyslexia-friendly large text for easy reading, and a fun cast of diverse characters. There's everything from word search puzzles to dot sticker pages!

Paperback $12.00 US

includas superpowerful journal levels 1 and 2 cover.

Includas Superpowerful Journal

The Includas Superheroes need your help to keep the Exclusion Monsters away! Complete each Includas Mission in Levels 1 and 2 to get your own Includas Superpowers. Use your drawing, writing, sharing, and performing skills to learn how to be diverse and inclusive. #IncludasPowers

Paperback $6.00 US

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Luda and Chairsy: Making Friends book cover girl in wheelchair.

Luda & Chairsy: Making Friends

Luda is excited to make friends in a new city! She can't wait to make silly faces and play outside. But when the other kids make fun of her wheelchair, Chairsy, Luda feels discouraged to play with them. Will she ever be able to make new friends?

Paperback $12.99/Hardcover $21.99/Ebook $4.99

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female smiling headshot.

Author Luda

Luda is a curious adventurer at heart who is not afraid to create her own path and persevere to make change happen. She has muscular dystrophy and serves/d on many DEI committees.

male standing in sunglasses.

Illustrator Kevin

Kevin draws and writes to bring something magical and silly into the world. He has paranoid schizophrenia and wants his sons to grow up in a world that doesn’t stigmatize differences.

Kendra's Perfect Dance Routine book cover, girls dancing with ribbons.

Kendra's Perfect Dance Routine

Kendra is excited to perform at the dance recital! She works hard on her dance poses, but she's not perfect as her friends. Even when she follows their every move, her dancing feels wonky and stiff. How can her routine become perfect in time for the recital?

Paperback $12.99/Hardcover $21.99/Ebook $4.99

#DisabledAuthor #DebutIllustrator #DisabledMC #OwnVoices

Kendra standing.

Author Kendra

Kendra is a fashionista who loves bright colors and sparkle. When she's not sharing her story, she's working as a marketing communication specialist. She has Mucopolysaccharide Type VI.


Illustrator Carrie

Carrie is a debut illustrator who enjoys making art by hand. She has painted theater sets for her daughter's performances and murals in a nursery. She's also into photography and travel.

Brides in Wheelchairs Wedding Planner​​

brides in wheelchairs wedding planner cover.This informative wedding planner is filled with worksheets, contact management, statistics, advice, and so much more! We’ve got you covered in all the normal wedding planning stuff, like budget, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon planning, transportation, and flowers. But we also add the awareness of doing it all while in a wheelchair. This covers everything from dress adjustments to wheelchair decorations to venue accessibility, all while making your dream wedding come to life!

Check out the Brides In Wheelchairs website for complimentary wedding planning sheets, wedding-related event planning tips, and informative blog posts.

Coming Fall 2022

portrait of jessica oddi.

Illustrator Jessica

Jessica Oddi is a disabled, Canadian freelance creative with 10+ years of graphic design experience. She specializes in accessible design, disability representation, and projects that empower marginalized communities.

#DisabledIllustrator #DisabledBribes #WheelchairWedding #BridesInWC

One Last Sip (YA Romance)​​

One Last Sip by L.S. Rydde cover with cup.Pearl necklace? Check. White gown? Check. Debutante escort? Kinda check. Abigail Lucille Panashe has dreamt of having her best friend, Theo Winthers, accompany her to the ball. They even perfected the dance to her wheelchair moves. Problem is, their friendship is a secret ever since Abby’s father passed away. Abby knows Theo didn’t kill her papi and them going to the ball together will restore their image in the prestigious town. Her sister, Astrid, has other plans. As the debutante director assistant, Astrid has the classiest, flirtiest escort for Abby. Hudson Giordani will give Abby the high-status reputation she wants. Abby will have to choose: falling for Hudson or saving Theo.

Cover not final. Follow us on social media for the cover reveal!

Preorder Fall 2021

Author L. S. Rydde

Advice to writers: Start from a blank page once in awhile. Don’t hold anything back, the pages should be yours truly. Rydde hopes to create stories that make people think smarter, wiser, and deeper.

#DisabledAuthor #DisabledMC #DiverseRomance


At INCLUDAS Publishing, we are all about bringing disability diversity to readers. This also means working with a diverse group of authors and illustrators. Our submission criteria:  1. the author/illustrator identifies with a particular disability/chronic illness, and/or 2. the main character of the story is disabled. Fiction only. We are looking for manuscripts ranging from children’s picture books to mystery novels.

Great! Now go write your idea down! This is the perfect time to stretch your creativity and imagination to build awesome characters. No matter the genre, romance or mystery, character agency and world building are fundamental parts. Remember, it’s important to read other books in your genre topic.

Awesome! Now that you’ve researched the market place and crafted your story from your ideas, it’s time to get feedback on it. Get to know and interact with other authors writing in your genre. Use writing resource blogs, writing workshops, critique groups, beta readers, and professional editors to help improve your story.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve had your story critiqued, edited, and rewritten, it’s time to consider publishing. When it comes to publishing a book, it’s important to know what that means. This way you can figure out if you would like to self-publish, submit to an agent, or be accepted into a small press. If you are not sure what this means, ask your fellow writers and join organizations. You can also check out The Key Book Publishing Path by Jane Friedman.

If you have a polished manuscript and understand the basics of the publishing industry, submit to us!
For unagented submissions, we REQUIRE each manuscript be edited by at least one professional developmental editor in the chosen genre PRIOR to submission.

Check out our 10 Tips On Writing Books For Kids to avoid the common mistakes we see in submissions. Please make sure the story and language fits with the genre, writing style, and target audience.