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Welcome to INCLUDAS! Here we create books full of diverse characters. Our diverse team of editors, creatives, authors, and volunteers all share the mission of encouraging diversity in stories to bring a more inclusive world. Our INCLUDAS team is made of superheroes who identify with at least one disability.
INCLUDAS publishes a wide range of fictional stories from children’s pictures books to adult romances, that represents a disabled main character and/or a disabled author. We want readers to look through perspectives that aren’t seen enough in the book world, and raise awareness to raise acceptance for the disability community.

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INCLUDAS Publishing Divisions

[Review] Kid’s Books with a Character in a Wheelchair P1

We review our first set of children's fiction picture books featuring a character in a wheelchair.

Why INCLUDAS Publishing?

INCLUDAS Publishing was founded in 2015 because disability book inclusion didn't exist. It has grown into a disability diversity movement.

Raise Awareness to Raise Acceptance

Find out how you can become an Includas Disability Ally with 8 simple, universal steps.

Meet Luda, The INCLUDAS Founder

Meet Luda and read why she believes in disability diversity. Stories are magic and the fictional space of books need to include disability.

Understanding Disabilities: Celebrity Edition

With a wide range of disability umbrellas, we wanted to explain the differences as simple as possible and show celebrities with disabilities.

10 Tips On Writing Books For Kids

Writing a story is not easy. We wanted to give some tips to make one relatable, authentic, and engaging for the target reader.

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