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Meet Amanda

Amanda joined the INCLUDAS team in November 2020 and is the Designer Freelancer. We are so excited to have her with us!

Tell us about yourself.

I have a good sense of humor! A lot of people say I’m very funny, and I like to see the positive in everything. I think the people around me have influenced me the most and my upbringing. Originally, I’m from Brooklyn, and then I moved to Staten Island, and I spend a lot of time with my family and my cousins, so my surroundings have really shaped who I am.

What makes you proud of yourself, and what are your aspirations?

I would say graduating college. I graduated in 2017, and since then, I’ve been trying to do freelancing in graphic design, so I think the whole journey of it all has been really great for me. I definitely want to keep going with graphic design. It just feels like the picture I see for myself. I would love to have my own company, but that’s so far down the line.

Why are you interested in working in graphic design?

Initially, with graphic design, I noticed that I picked up almost intuitively as opposed to any other subject. I started getting into it as a junior and senior in high school, and then I continued all throughout college. I like how there are also different branches that you can go from just graphic design. It’s just such a broad umbrella to go into, so there are so many things you can do with it, and I just like being creative in general.

Why is disability diversity in stories important to you?

Awareness is important, and everybody has their own story to tell. It’s important for people to understand that not everybody is in the same boat as other people, so inclusiveness is an important thing for me.

More representation of people in actual wheelchairs is a big one, specifically women. I feel like there have been shows I’ve watched that just don’t have enough people in wheelchairs, especially automatic ones, so I feel like that’s a niche that should be more shared.

What’s the most fulfilling part about being on the INCLUDAS team?

Working with everyone is just amazing. I love being a part of something that encourages diversity, inclusivity, and learning about everyone’s different experiences. Being part of a book publishing company is fun, too, since I’ve never done that before. I always like to try new things, so it’s been a great opportunity.

Any advice for those wanting to work in the publishing industry?

Never stop learning! That’s one of the big things that I’ve noticed in my journey. Just keep learning as much as you can, whether it’s through Youtube or any other online resources. Facebook actually has a lot of motivating resources that I found helpful—Facebook groups specifically. You can interact with so many people, especially now that everything is more virtual. It’s a great source of community to get from.

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