At INCLUDAS Publishing, we are all about bringing disability diversity books to readers. This also means working with authors/illustrators of various abilities. Whether it be limited mobility, schizophrenia, Down syndrome, or something else entirely, we are happy to foster a supportive community for all. Our criteria:

1. the author/illustrator identifies with a particular ability status/condition,
2. the main character of the story identifies with a particular ability status/condition.

I have a book idea!

Great! Now go write your ideas down! This is the perfect time to stretch your creativity and imagination to build awesome characters. No matter the genre, romance or mystery, character agency and world building are fundamental parts. It’s important to read other books in your genre topic. For example, research what it means to write for children:

Learn what makes your reader engaged with this particular story. Understand the your chosen book market and write down every single one of your ideas!

I finished a first draft!

Awesome! Now that you’ve researched the kid literature market and crafted your story from your ideas, it’s time to get feedback on it. Get to know and interact with other authors in your genre. See how a writing resource blog, a writing workshop, a professional editor, and a critique group can give you guidance and feedback on your story. For example:

This is the time to do more research on the craft of writing and get critical feedback on your story. Get samples from editors (who work in the genre you’re writing in) before you hire each one.

My story is polished!

Congratulations! Now that you’ve had your story critiqued, edited, and rewritten, it’s time to consider publishing. When it comes to publishing a book, it’s important to know what that means, so you can figure out if you would like to self-publish, submit to an agent, or be accepted into a small press. If you are not sure what this means, ask your fellow writers or editors. You can also check out The Key Book Publishing Path by Jane Friedman. If you have a polished manuscript and understand the basics of the publishing industry, submit to us:

For unagented submissions, we REQUIRE each manuscript to have gone through a developmental edit, manuscript critique, AND substantive/content (line/copy for kid’s books) edit by a professional editor in the chosen genre PRIOR to submission.

We are open to all genres, and are open to expanding our current focus of children’s books, coloring books, novels, and planners. You may submit an unlimited amount of different stories, but please know that if your submission is “conditionally accepted” or “rejected,” you can only submit again after six (6) months of the initial submission, so submit your best work wisely. Also, children’s book authors are advised NOT to submit artwork along with the manuscript. Please make sure the polished final draft is properly formatted for submission and your query letter meets all required standards. If you do not hear from us within four weeks, please note that this means we do not foresee your submission as being a right fit for this press.

For illustrators: if you would like to be considered for a project, please send one black and white sample piece of what diversity means to you to: submissions [@] If you’re only able to submit your finished story verbally, please call 818.350.3652 to set up an appointment with us.

Is your main goal to get into bookstores? If so, we are not the publisher for you, as we currently do not heavily focus on bookstores.
Is your main goal to spread diversity into the book world? If so, we would be the perfect publisher for you.
Are you driven to have a huge marketing plan for sale purposes? If so, then we are too small of a publisher for you.
Are you driven to change lives and bring inclusion into the world? If so, then we would make a great team.
For you, is writing and/or illustrating an interest, a hobby, a passion, a side job, a career, or a business?
Common Misconceptions to Know About:
1. Once my manuscript is accepted, it will be published right away.
Truth is, even finished manuscripts still need to go through a few rounds of editing because there are different layers of editing. These range from developmental to copy editing to proof reading. On average, we have seen a single manuscript go through about 20 drafts before getting published.
2. Publishing is easy and fast, just put it into an e-book and sell!
The behind the scenes aspects of having a finished product can take up to six months to complete after editing is complete (and editing can range from 1-2 years). Things like interior layout, cover art, ISBN numbers, digital formatting, and font styles are just a few of the things that make a book, a book. In addition, we like to test for print and audio options as well because everyone deserves the opportunity to read.
3. Once the book is out on the internet, the publisher will make it a bestseller.
Marketing a book should be an ongoing strategic process that starts at least one year before a book is released. A publisher will produce and package a book to potential outlets, but marketing is a team effort and a lot of it comes down on the author, alongside the brand that is being created.
1.       Why publish with us?
We care about stories. We push inclusive boundaries. We brainstorm around creativity. We push diversity forward. We foster supportive relationships. We introduce readers to new adventures. We work as a team to help each other. We adapt.
2.       What happens once I submit my manuscript or want to make changes?
If you do not receive a response from us within four weeks, your submission was not strong enough or your story does not fit with our press at this time. It’s possible, you could receive a response of either acceptance (we want to work with you immediately) or conditional acceptance (we would like to consider working with you, but we need you to update a few things in the manuscript).
3.       Do I need an agent or know an editor to submit to INCLUDAS Publishing?
You do not need an agent or know an editor on our team to submit your manuscript to us. If your work is powerful and fits our mission, it will sell itself to us. We care about stories with emotion, connection, and enlightenment that have strong story elements such as theme, character development, appropriate pacing, etc. For non-fiction, it’s important to have a strong message, organization, purpose, etc.
4.       What type or marketing or publicity will the book receive?
Each book project will have its own marketing and PR plan, but some of the main avenues could include: author media press kits, ARCs (e-galleys) sent to blog/book reviewers, social media and newsletter announcements, special promotions and giveaways, event or conference marketing opportunities, press releases, etc.
5.       I don’t understand any of this, what should I do?
If you are not sure where to start or have questions, please research this information. There are many groups (like Kid411) and organizations (like SCBWI for kid’s books or RWA for romance), that can be a great starting point. You do not have to be an expert at the publishing process, but know enough to show professionalism (such as how to format your story for submission and what a query letter should include).

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." —Walt Disney