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Using the Includas Superpowerful Journal

The Includas Superheroes have been busy making the Includas Coloring Book (read their interview), but they had to create an Includas Superpowerful Journal, too! The Includas Superheroes want to make sure everyone knows how to use and/or create their own  superpowerful journal and spread includas power everywhere.

Start with Level 1

Accez: Hello! I can’t wait for everyone to use the Includas Superpowerful Journals to fight off the Exclusion Monsters. Of course, my two best friends, Diverz and Incluz, helped put the journal together!

Diverz: Hi everyone! We wanted to teach you how to use the journal.

Incluz: Don’t forget about me! Guess what? I can make anything REALLY big, like swimming pool, big!

Accez: Let’s tell them about the journal!

Incluz: Oh yeah! The coloring book is the ultimate mission where you have to bring back the color the Exclusion Monsters took away. The journal is a secret book between us and you to learn about inclusion by completing missions. Inclusion means accepting everyone for who they are, no matter how they look or speak. Plus, you get to practice includas!

Level 1 sheet from includas journal.Diverz: There are a lot of ways to do each mission, all based on what you like to do best. Make sure to start with Level 1 because these missions will help you complete the missions in Level 2!

Accez: Wait, you forgot the part about writing your name at the bottom left corner and grabbing the Includas Coloring Book to help with some of the pages. You can also print and create your own journal for Level 1

How You Do the Includas Missions

Incluz: There are 3 ways you can complete missions in Level 1:  drawing about it, sharing about it, and/or performing about it. There are different ways to do the missions so that everyone feels comfortable doing them however is best for them! And, you can even do all three ways if you want. Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it.

Accez: For the draw about it part, you can complete the mission by drawing a picture with whatever  tools you have at home (like colored pencils, markers, or crayons). For example, for the mission, “Pick a diverse movie or episode to watch,” you can draw one of your favorite characters from the movie or TV show. I LOVE to draw, so I always choose to draw about it.

Incluz: If you would rather share about the diverse movie or episode you watched, you can talk about it with a parent or friend! I love to talk, especially with my favorite people, so I love to choose to share about it. 

Diverz: If you want to perform about it, you can recreate your favorite part of the movie or episode you picked or even make a new scene that you wish you saw in the movie or show! I love to act, so I love to perform about it.

Moving On to Level 2

Level 2 sheet from includas journal.

Diverz: Level 1 of the Includas Superpowerful Journal is all about being curious. There are a lot of things to learn about inclusion, especially on our super cool missions!

Accez: For Level 2you get to use all the cool things you learned in Level 1 and put them into action! In addition to drawing, sharing, or performing about it, you can also write about it now! Since in Level 1 you learned about the ASL alphabet, in Level 2, you get to spell your name in ASL.

Diverz: And in Level 1, you got to learn other awesome things like the braille alphabet. Braille is used for people to read with their fingers by touching raised dots that stand for numbers, letters, and punctuation. So in Level 2, you get to write your name in braille to practice your new skills.

You Are Creating Includas Powers

Accez: Doing these missions helps you practice inclusion, which is super powerful! When you’re doing missions like watching or listening to a diverse movie or book, you learn more about different diverse people and groups that you don’t see or hear about all the time!

Incluz: All of these missions are amazing, and you can do as many as you want in any way you like! This journal is all about YOU and what YOU can learn about inclusion.

Diverz: We can’t wait for you to be an Includas superhero with us and learn something new on these missions. We’ll be there to help you along the way. 

Accez: You can do the missions over and over or print Level 1 and Level 2 out to do them with friends if they can’t get the full Includas Superpowerful Journal. We hope you have the best time, and we hope you find your own superpower!

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