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INCLUDAS Publishing
P.O. BOX #893566
Temecula, CA 92589
Phone: 818.350.3652
Public Email:  inquiries [@]
For Media:  press [@]

Press kits may be available around the time of a book launch on the About Page under each specific author/illustrator. Should you need any information for media/press related projects, please email us with your request.

For Legal:  legal [@]

All content on this website is protected under copyright law, should you be interested in requesting permission to use any of the data for any reason, email us with your request by stating what data you would like to use, as well as for what reason, on which platform, and for what duration of time. Please know that data may not be distributed, sold, or licensed to third parties without written consent. If you have questions about how we track your data while using this website please visit our privacy policy & terms of use here.


I sent an email but have not gotten a reply, why?

Depending on the nature of your email, such as, if you asked a general question like, “How do I get a book published?”, those emails will not be answered because we simply do not have the time to answer questions that can be answered through simple research methods. But if you emailed, saying, “I have a finished manuscript but am having trouble understanding the submission policy.”, then we will absolutely assist the best way we can.

What do I do if I want to email someone to get an update on my submission?

If you filled out the submission form completely, you should have received a copy of your answers in your email automatically. Do not resubmit or edit your submission unless you really need to, as that will be treated as a second submission. If you have not received an answer from us after a month, please contact us. 

I ordered a book but it came damaged and/or not what I was expecting, will you refund me?

We work with external distributors, like Amazon and Barnes&Noble to deliver a book, so if you have any issues, you would need to contact them directly. Before you purchase a book, preview it (if a preview is not available on one site, it may be on another), and we sometimes have videos about the books, so check out our Youtube channel for book read-a-loud sessions there (after the release date).

Can I email to ask someone to come out for an event, conference, signing, and/or reading?

Our team resides in different U.S. states, so location would play a huge role, but you are welcome to invite any of the authors/illustrators. Please check out our Partnerships Page for related information.

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“EVERYONE has their own adventures and stories to tell.” -Kevin N.

“Diversity in publishing is imperative. Publishers who heed the call will succeed and have loyal readership for generations to come.” -Savannah F.

“When the words we read reflect our diverse world, so too will they perpetuate the value of diversity.” -Emily L.

“Inclusion helps others gain a better understanding and awareness of how differences enrich and empower our communities.” -Kendra G.

“Books that are focused on inclusion will help others realize that they are not alone.” -Erica L.

"What is right to be done cannot be done too soon." —Jane Austen