Make your own inclusion power!

Be an Includas Disability Ally

in·clu·das (verb/noun): being inclusive in diverse ways

  1. Be diverse in inclusion as much as possible.
  2. When picking a book, movie, or show choose something that is diverse and unknown to you.
  3. Practice communicating with people in different ways like through pictures one day or gestures the next.
  4. Share about what you learn from the Includas Superheroes with others so they too, can help spread inclusion magic!
  1. Do Your Research
  2. Be a Good Listener
  3. Welcome All Disabilities
  4. Encourage Accessibility and Diversity Everywhere
  5. Support Disabled Creators
  6. Avoid Ableist Terms
  7. Don’t Define Someone Only By Their Disability
  8. Be Kind

You can start my practicing the 8 steps listed above or check them out in full detail where the Includas Superheroes outline each one. You can also get an Includas Coloring Book and Includas Superpowerful Journal to teach you about different disabilities and practice including others. Don’t forget to visit our blog post of the different kinds of disabilities and learn which celebrities are/were Disabled.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay to make them as long as you learn how fix those mistakes. One person may prefer to be called “disabled” while another doesn’t. People have preferences based on their lived experiences, so get to know each person and don’t assume the same things for everyone. But remember, don’t rely on the disability community to educate you completely, especially if you don’t know someone personally. There is always room to grow and improve, the first step is trying.

Of course you can! Even the smallest change can make the biggest difference. It can change what your friends think, what your family thinks, or what you think. Reading, watching, and listening to things that are inclusive and diverse can help so many people. With your support that you spread to others, you can get the conversation of inclusion and disability started.

Help Spread Change, One Book At A Time

We love nothing more than spreading inclusion! That’s why our commitment to social good is important to us. We donate books when we can, but now anyone can help us do so and get more diverse books into the hands of readers.

diverse disabled cheers cheering on top of book.

Donate With Us

Step 1: Go to shop.includas.com to purchase any book.
Step 2: Add a book(s) to your cart.
Step 3: Click ‘View Cart’ and use Coupon: DONATEWUS (you get 10% off).
Step 4: You’ll get your purchased book, and we’ll donate a book on your behalf to an organization, school, library, etc.

Donate Yourself

Step 1: Go to shop.includas.com to purchase any book.
Step 2: Add a book(s) to your cart.
Step 3: Click ‘View Cart’ and use Coupon: DONATETOO (you get 10% off).
Step 4: You’ll get your purchased book, and an extra book so you can donate to a school, friend, hospital, etc.

Upcoming Event 12/3/21

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Join us for the 3rd Annual INCLUDAS Book Party: Pages Under Investigation on our social media from 12pm-6pm PST/3pm-9pm EST. The INCLUDAS Investigators will dive into the past, present, and future of disability representation.

wheelchair book character investigator.

Schedule of Investigation

Come learn about how the event works, how to win prizes, and what to expect.

Learn about many historical book firsts, different book accessible creations, and a book page activity.

We will be debunking popular fiction books that have stereotypical disability representation.

Come share your favorite disability-inclusive books and see which ones we have enjoyed! We’ll also include upcoming books we’re excited about.

Learn about disability inclusion in the writing community, supporting disabilities, and INCLUDAS announcements.

Where’s What

Follow us on Instagram stories for all events, prize announcements, and engagement polls.

Follow us on Twitter for event summaries, prize announcements, and ‘Supporting Disabled Authors’ program.

Follow us on the Facebook event for details, event engagement, and prize announcements.

We’ll post the collective event from our Instagram stories to our YouTube channel.

Follow us on TikTok (coming soon) for events, prize announcements, and fun videos.

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Upcoming Event 2/18/22

pearls of yesterday book launch banner.

Join us for our first virtual YA romance book party on February 18, 2022. Time & location TBD. This two-hour event will talk about the book, discuss disability and love, and show off some dance skills.

Event Details

Get to know the process of creating The Pearls Of Yesterday and how the story came to be.

We will have fun trivia and giveaways throughout the event. From books to shirts, you’ll have many chances to win something. The more times you tag us on social media, the more entries you get!

We are going to talk about disability and love! Everything from first kisses, to worst date stories, to dating myths.

Share your outfit with us and tell us your favorite dance skills. We’ll practice some dancing and have some tea during our event.

We’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and offer answers! Submit any questions to our social media before the event.

How to Prepare

Sign up for an ARC by January 1st, 2022 for a free copy. Physical copies are limited to the first 40 people (US only). Two lucky winners will get a golden ticket with a special costume box!

We are preparing the best matchmaking quiz for you to see which character would be your perfect date for the ball! (link coming soon)

Get ready with us for the ball! Share with us what you’ll wear by tagging us on social media and using #PearlsOfYesterday! We’ll all be dressed up on the event day and can’t wait to see you there.

The ball will have some dance time and fun times. We will share some of our dance tips on our social media and can’t wait to see how you ballroom dance. Or wheelchair dance. Or Zumba dance.

First kisses ruin everything. No matter whose lips sixteen-year-old Abigail Lucille Panashe touches, her life becomes plagued with disaster. But her friends won’t let her give up on that romantic, fireworks kind of kiss Abby has dreamt of. It just can’t be with her best friend, Theo Winthers, because that would be weird. Especially that for the last ten years, Abby and her late Papi imagined Theo accompanying her to this summer’s debutante ball. They’ve already perfected the dance to her wheelchair moves. If only the debutante director hadn’t scared Abby into picking the next-door neighbor, Hudson Giordani, to be the perfect escort. Now, kissing Hudson, that would definitely be weird—no, Abby cannot think about the guy who broke her heart four years ago for no reason. Abby may want to have the perfect ball and win the crown with the classiest escort in town, but one kiss will change everything she’s ever planned for.

yard dress.

Meet Your INCLUDAS Team

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Luda | Founder

Superpower: wheelchair flying
Power-up by: charging wheelchair batteries
Motto: When you create your own path, you leave behind a story.
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madison headshot

Madison | Senior Editor

Superpower: banishing ableism
Power-up by: using voice recognition software
Motto: Books are my favorite vegetable.
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Nicole | Social Media

Superpower: mitigating stressful moments
Power-up by: counting to 100
Motto: Be the one who makes others feel included.
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Amanda | Designer

Superpower: making things grow taller
Power-up by: elevating wheelchair up or down
Motto: Be yourself, even when people stare.
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Melissa headshot.

Melissa | Marketing

Superpower: pulling characters out of walls
Power-up by: using adaptable video game controls
Motto: Live creatively.
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sadie headshot

Sadie | Illustrations

Superpower: make paintings come to life
Power-up by: walking stick
Motto: Find beauty in the smallest of things.
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Catherine headshot photo.

Catherine | Acquisitions

Superpower: make time pause
Power-up by: using breathing exercises
Motto: It’s okay to go at your own pace.
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Joanna | Writing

Superpower: writing through thinking
Power-up by: using an on-screen keyboard
Motto: You can't change your past, but only you can determine your future.
Bio Coming Soon

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Internship Applications

We are looking for applicants who value disability diversity in the publishing industry, have an understanding of the industry, and can manage in a fast-changing environment.
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Past & Current Partnerships

We are always looking to partner with bookstores, libraries, social media influencers, etc. It’s the only way to make includas magic happen and raise disability acceptance in the world. Help us make that inclusion a reality!

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